February 19, 2024

How a Photography Team Can Elevate Your Wedding

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Our unique wedding photography team structure has been built around wanting the best for our couples. You choose your photographer from the HMP team that you would like to photograph your day- exactly like most other wedding photographers.

After you make that decision we are different:

Increased Reliability

As a team of photographers, if one photographer falls ill or encounters an emergency, we have a system for another of us to be available to step in with easy access to your notes and your photography timeline. We also shoot the same way, from years of working as a team we know the style of photography our couples like. And as all editing is done by Hannah, the images will look the same as you expect.

Efficiency and Organisation

We have established processes in place to manage bookings, communicate with couples, and deliver efficiently. This means you have a smooth experience throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Service Levels

There is not a regulated body for wedding photographers. Anyone with any quality of equipment and any skill level can say they are a wedding photographer. We have a high standard across the team to adhere to. From technical skillset to, experience of wedding days to the quality of our equipment. All of our cameras, lenses and lighting gear we use are professional, properly serviced, plus being fully insured.

Shared experience

After each wedding we update each other on how the day went. We share if anything at the venue has changed that may affect the photography. For example, if areas have been decorated, or parts of the garden changed- even when trees have been cut down to let light in differently. This means our knowledge of local venues is vast! We also like to bounce ideas off each other, share techniques, and collaborate resulting in more memorable photographs for you.

So to sum up- most importantly our team structure means you have full peace of mind. Leaving you to feel reassured and concentrate on all the other many parts of wedding planning.

If you would like to check which of the team are available on your wedding day please do get in touch >

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