June 1, 2020

Podcast / Tips on styling your wedding with The Timeless Stylist

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The Wedding Sanctuary Podcast

I’m delighted to have Amy join me today on episode 5 of The Wedding sanctuary podcast. Amy is owner of The Timeless Stylist, offering couples design, styling and creative direction for their wedding.

Today we’re going to help you with all your wedding design questions that have come in and give you some new ideas for what to consider when planning your look,

If you have any questions about the podcast, if there is a topic you’d like covered on the show, or if you want to apply to be a guest, then please do let me know.

Happy listening!


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  • When is the best time to involve a wedding stylist?
  • I haven’t found my venue yet- should we wait until then to speak to a designer?
  • What wedding style trends do you think will be coming up?
  • What is your favourite type of wedding style?
  •  Where in our wedding venue should we put the most effort into styling?
  • How to make the tables special
  • Is a wedding designer, wedding planner, wedding coordinator, wedding stylist the same thing?!


If you’re planning your wedding and would like to continue the conversations from each episode with myself and other podcast listeners, please do come join The Wedding Sanctuary Facebook group.


I’d love to know if you’re listening! Either take a photo or screenshot your phone and tag me as you’re listening to this week’s episode. Add the hashtag #theweddingsanctuarypodcast or tag @hannahmcclunephotography, so I can share your screenshot on my story too!


The previous show was on your choosing your wedding photographer. You can catch up here and to be sure you don’t miss any episodes you can subscribe to them HERE >

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