April 28, 2015

How to choose a wedding photographer

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I wrote this post on how to choose a wedding photographer over 3 years ago, now seems like a good time to give it a little shake up and reshare. There has been a flurry of calls and emails checking availability recently- with so many of you busy with your photographer search this should be a handy read! Enjoy xoxo

Weddings are a huge planning project; unsurprisingly, I believe your photography decision should not be rushed.

It is easy to go with the photographer your best friend had or the one your venue recommends, but be sure they match what you want, not just budget wise, but also style, which leads me on to my first question…

What is your photography style?

What appeals to you? Browse Pinterest, flick through some magazines and see what you are drawn to. Is it the photographs that are light and airy or do you prefer the darker images? Do you like editorial styling or prefer a more candid approach? Once you know what type of photographs you would like it will help you to narrow down your selection of photographers.


Do they take good photographs?

This sounds obvious, but do not just look at their portfolio that may be a mix of their best photographs. Take a look at an album which tells the story of just one couples day, or ask to see all the photographs from their last wedding.  Also try to look at photographs in different lighting; can they take good shots in a dim church, with groups inside if it is raining or in bright midday light?


Do you like them?

This probably should be point one, you’re going to be spending most of your day with them and if they irritate you you’re definitely not going to be looking your happiest in the pictures.  We meet most of our couples via Skype or FaceTime for initial chats, it’s an easy way for you to have a natter in a more familiar way. An engagement session is a fab way to get to know each other even better and experience what it is like to be photographed by them.


Do they have a back up plan?

When I chat through this bit at a consultation I often see the couples eyes glaze over- dull I know, but I really do think it is super important to know about the gear your photographer uses. Do they have back up cameras? How many lenses do they have on the day? It is so so important to know any camera issues are not going to impact your photographs. Whilst we are on a dull topic you should also double check insurance, in fact every wedding supplier you work with should have decent insurance cover and many venues ask to see our certificates.


Do your expectations match?

My final question is, do your expectations match what they will deliver? Make sure you understand what they mean by ‘full day of coverage’ or how long your photos will take to arrive or how you pick the album photos or how they know what group shots you want or when do they take breaks or do they retouch the pictures or or or … heaps of things to know. Be sure there are no surprises from what you expect from each other.

Happy wedding planning, please shout if you think I may be able to help you with any other wedding questions you may have.

Hannah x

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