February 15, 2022

How to choose a wedding photographer

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Are you trying to decide on your wedding photographer?

Steal some of the very checks I did when judging the national photography awards! These will help you know how to choose a wedding photographer.

As a photography judge for TWIA in 2021, 2022 and again in 2023, there are some key elements I consider when evaluating photographer entries. There is an overlap for what you too should be looking at when deciding on your wedding photographer:

Firstly, experience.

Can they shoot well in different environments- different light conditions- different weather- different times of the year? For your wedding it’s important to see if the photographer has much experience.
We all have to start somewhere, this may be led by your budget. Less experienced photographers understandably charge less. More experienced photographers will be confident photographing in all conditions, deal with any unexpected situations easier, are likely to have more expensive camera gear and back ups too.

Secondly, feedback.

This was a key part of judging the awards. Seeing what real couples said about their photographer. You may be able to tell if couples look relaxed in the photos. Go beyond this when you’re choosing by looking up Google reviews or testimonials on their websites.

Thirdly, technical.

Are the photos well composed, good quality, are they creative, is there good attention to detail…
Also style. Irrelevant to the awards- but very relevant to you! Is the shooting and editing style the type you’re drawn to?

I hope this helped you consider how to choose a wedding photographer. Please do follow @hannahmcclunephotography for more wedding planning tips and you can listen to lots of wedding planning advice on our podcast, The Wedding Sanctuary here >

How to choose a wedding photographer

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