June 16, 2017

First Look | What is a wedding first look & should you have one?

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When I was driving to the gym yesterday morning I listened to Scott Mills chatting away about wedding ‘First Looks’. More the video element, but the concept seemed to bemuse him,  before I switched him off I made a note to share a little more here. So if, like Scott, you are wondering what the fuss is, let me share….

First look wedding photos

A ‘First Look’, is when the you and your almost hubby are photographed seeing each other for the first time. Before you say I do, prior to the wedding ceremony you get your last ‘not married yet snog’ and to check each other out in private.

Before you walk down the aisle you meet alone*. It has long been a tradition in the US, and it is slowly gaining popularity here in the UK.  *well with my camera and I lurking discretely naturally

It can be intimate and romantic to see each other for the first time before you walk down the aisle. You’re also looking super fresh, hair and make up just finished. I’ll help set it up, so get hubby-to-be in the perfect position, somewhere with great light and where you won’t be seen by guests. Then when he is ready with his back turned, I’ll head away to be out of earshot and have my long lens. You’ll walk over and when you say to turn around, you’ll get that special moment just for the two of you.

Being able to cuddle, kiss and talk, without the ceremony starting, is so precious. I’ll be in the distance leaving you to talk alone and sneakily photography your romantic natural moments.

First look wedding photos

A first look isn’t for everyone, but those weddings it does really suit are:

  • If you have a ceremony later in the day.
    If you are tight for time taking your couple pictures before your ceremony extends your day. So if there is a short window of time before your wedding breakfast to get pictures, taking your couples pictures first means you get more time after the ceremony to celebrate!
  • If you have a winter wedding
    Light fades quickly in the winter months, with the sun often setting by 4pm it can be tricky to fit all the natural daylight images into the small window of time you have. Seeing each other earlier in the day, and hopefully enjoying the gorgeous winter sun.
  • If you are at all nervous
    Wedding days often bring a flurry of unexpected nerves to the morning. Being able to have a cuddle with your favourite person first will help settle those. That private moment gets rid of any nerves and builds up the excitement.


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