July 6, 2023

Wedding Tip | Your Group Shots

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We understand you want to spend time enjoying seeing your guests, having fizz and canapés- not standing in a line waiting around for your group photos which is why we do everything we can to make these easy for you.

Your wedding is the one occasion where you have all your favourite people together and looking great, so a few group shots of those most important to you is ideal. Choose the combinations that you know will make the pics for your wall or your parents mantlepiece!

 These are the most popular groups:

  1. bride’s immediate family
  2. bride’s parents
  3. all parents
  4. groom’s parents
  5. groom’s immediate family
  6. all the bridesmaids, best man, ushers
  7. bride and bridesmaids
  8. groom, ushers and best man

Depending on how many children you have in them, how good the ushers are at ushering the groups together (!) and how many people have vanished to the loo/check in etc then these can be taken for you in less than half an hour.

The one that is rarely asked for nowadays, but needs more time to gather everyone is a whole group shot. Most couples tend to prefer to spend the 10-15 mins it would take to organise this mingling with guests for natural shots instead.

In your photography form we ask which you’d like and also who knows most people to help get them ready. So whilst we’re taking one group picture they can be sure the next group are ready to go! 


Print a copy of your photography timeline and share it with the people you’ve asked to gather the groups. Let them know ahead of the day it’s one of the bridal party jobs! Share it by email then print for the day to make things run as seamlessly as possible for you.

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