November 15, 2018

How to cope with rain on your wedding day

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“Help! Rain is forecast”

No one wants rain on their wedding day, at least no one I’ve met before and I completely understand where you are coming from. I was exactly the same, we actually chose our date as historically the weather had been great on the 24thJuly. Ha ha, our day certainly shifted that average. It rained so hard, we even had to pause during our vows as the thunder was so loud- a fully disruptive storm!

Yet, some of my favourite pictures are because of the rain. A stand out one is my dad helping me out of the car is so much more interesting with the cream umbrella framing us. Also love this similar one of Emma being kept dry by her driver too.

Another unexpected plus was how the moody clouds made the venue shot really dramatic. The cloud cover also meant not squinty eyes from harsh sun, or glasses switching to dark lenses from the sun.  But most of all, and in all honesty, I really did not care. I expected to, but when it came to it, all I cared about was that by the end of the day I’d be married to Neil regardless of the weather. Admittedly my dress was filthy, the bottom was covered in mud- but that shot by the enormous oak tree on my lounge wall was definitely worth getting it grubby for!

It is really rare to have a day of continuous rain, I may be ridiculously lucky, but there has only ever been a few weddings I’ve photographed when it didn’t let up.

It may simply mean we have to change the photo timings around slightly and when there is a break in the rain we make a dash for it outside. There are usually doorways and areas undercover to use, with umbrellas and the right attitude you will still get beautiful pictures.  Especially clear umbrellas, kissing shots through raindrops- dreamy!

You can plan ahead by buying some white wellies or shoes you don’t mind getting wet, umbrellas for all the bridal party, even an old towel to put out to stand on.

If you are picking a month which is more likely to be wet it is worth thinking of your pictures when you choose your venue. If it does rain will there be space inside to take your group pictures? If people are having their arrival drinks inside, will they all be huddled together or is there room to mingle easily?

Do you need another positive about rain on your wedding day? Then fingers crossed it continues when it gets dark! Rain at night can create the most gorgeous pictures with some creative lighting to make the drizzle sparkle.

But as the saying goes, if there is rain on your wedding day there won’t be tears in your marriage! Please do come and join our Wedding Sanctuary group on Facebook where we chat all things wedding, including concerns about rain > click here <


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