August 28, 2020

What a coronavirus wedding is really like.

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It made me cry three times.*
Not tears of sadness, tears of happiness from all the guests.
Happiness that despite everything happening in the world right now, love won for Rachel and Tom.

When the last six months has been focused on the planning- or rather the replanning- of most weddings, it was such a relief to be reminded of what a wedding really means. How special the start of marriage is.

For all of you considering going ahead with a wedding in the current climate- I wanted to reassure you that it is so so wonderful.

The venue, The Great House in Sonning, were incredible. Amy and Charlotte ran the day perfectly and as a venue they’re following every government guidance down to the exact rule. 

So in light of that, here is how the new type of COVID -19 restricted wedding was brilliant. These seem the top concerns I’ve heard and how currently it worked:

1. The masks

Yes, the guests and I wore masks during the ceremony only. The couple don’t have to and nor did the registrar leading it as she stood behind the table as normal.Jill, the grooms mum, made everyone cream matching masks. If your mother in law isn’t as crafty there are some gorgeous ones on Etsy. They’re not needed the rest of the day and everyone’s eyes were smiling over the top of them.

2. The readings

During the ceremony readings aren’t allowed. There is talk of the ceremony feeling informal or rushed- this isn’t the case at all. Rachel and Tom has the lovely idea to make it more personal by writing their own vows which seemed longer than usual and full of meaning.Before and after the meal they extended the traditional speeches to more guests standing up and saying a few short words. One of Toms brothers also read a beautiful reading that isn’t allowed typically in a civil ceremony as it’s from the bible, Corinthians, the most beautiful words. They also read a poem for their day.

3. The evening party 

No there wasn’t  a dance floor or evening dancing. Instead they hired a gorgeous boat to have trips along the river. There are so many options to add entertainment to your day to suit the two of you. I love how Rachel and Tom found an option that was perfect for their venue, also a fun experience for their guests.

4. It’s a short day

It really doesn’t have to be! I spent 8 hours at their wedding, starting with Rachel’s bridal prep and all the beautiful details. I left early evening and they were still planning another boat ride then sitting down for drinks together.

5. The details aren’t as important 

Oh they are, they really are.  My photography started with just this, Tom’s buttonholes, Rachel’s jewellery, their invitations, the flowers… 

Their ceremony had a gorgeous floral display with flickering candles on the mantlepiece. The table was decorated beautifully. There was foliage running the length of it and lots of vases of cream flowers scattered amongst it.

6. You can’t have canapés 

That is currently true. At the moment they can’t be handed out by staff on a shared platter. Instead they had a table with small plates of a selection of canapés on each for guests to help themselves to. It made it really easy for guests to help themselves and enjoy them. 

I am sure there are so many more questions you have if you’re planning a wedding this year. I’d love to help you answer them as much as I’m able to from my experience.

Please do drop me an email with any questions or if you’d like details of my new micro wedding collections for 2020,

  • & yes I’m soppy I know! But weddings do MATTER, love is winning in this crazy time.

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