November 7, 2017

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Photography Marketing Plan

Photography Marketing Plan

Today I’ll be sitting down with Berni to create her 2018 Marketing Plan. Together we will be:
  • Reflecting on how 2017 has been for her
  • Dreaming on how 2018 will look

Then most importantly, turning those dreams into an action plan.

It is incredibly easy in our industry to work with a daily tactical approach. Simply managing what you have on your desk that day. Stepping back, taking time out to truly consider how you want to grow- what you want for you, what you want for your business, what you want for your family life – that longer term thinking and having a strategic approach is the best way to function happily and successfully.

Together we will be completing her hefty  bespoke template to guide her through the process. She’ll leave with pages of completed notes to refer to throughout the year; her goals confirmed, a step by step plan with clear directions and the knowledge on how to achieve them.
I am a fan of a list, nothing beats getting all the things we need to get done down on a piece of paper- you *may* also find me scribbling down what I’ve just done, if missed from the list, to follow it with a satisfying cross through & tick! Anyone that knows me will know how crazy organised I love to be!
So… when I get the chance to help others create their Marketing Plan it is AMAZING. All those years at uni and post graduate studies in marketing, the classroom foundation learning of creating a marketing plan come into play. I spent ten years in a corporate environment writing marketing plans to take in front of directors and fight for my marketing budget, the evidence of how I could support their multi million pound business to grow. But now having the opportunity to use that experience, not to make more millions for huge companies, but to make a small one person business succeed brings me far greater joy.
It isn’t going to make Berni a millionaire next year. I’m not going to shout any silly numbers at you. But what it will do is ensure:
  • That she loves the business side of her business
  • That she is booking the type of families and weddings that appreciate her unique style of photography
  • That she will be able to balance her lifestyle of enjoying her young child and having a full time photography business
I have just TWO spaces left this year if you would like to work alongside me to create your marketing plan to start 2018 the right way. The One2One days are £495, email me to book,
BONUS: book by this FRIDAY (10 NOV 2017) and get a follow up 1 hour Skype within a fortnight included

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