April 18, 2016

Honeymooners 1 | Pennyhill Park Hotel, Bagshot

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Welcome to the new honeymooner blog post series. I’ll let you into a secret… I was as excited about our honeymoon as the wedding day. It was the best thing ever to jet off with Neil to start our married life with a round the world travel adventure.

These posts will be sharing tips and info on my fave places- Vietnam, Brazil, Fiji, Japan, Argentina, Aus, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Antigua, Thailand, Chile, Cambodia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Cook Islands… And some closer to home, trips of beautiful European destinations- Antibes, Sardinia, Barcelona…

It is entirely indulgent to reminisce on past adventures in the name of honeymoon advice‬

After uni I spent 18 months working, then travelling abroad. Definitely lit the wanderlust within me and since then we always planned exotic trips for our holidays, also working as a marketing manager meant monthly, if not weekly trips, around Europe and to Dubai.
Things are certainly a little different post children, but thankfully the boys travel well!First up, First Night. Your wedding night.

Apparently Cameron Diaz had stayed in our suite the night before.

We checked into Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot, www.pennyhillpark.co.uk, for our wedding night. Part of me thought this was cool (do love CD), but the other was a bit grossed out. Never want to think of a stranger in your bed the day before. Which completely is how hotels operate, yet I’d rather not dwell on that…. la la la, fingers in ears style….

We spent the following morning in the spa, mainly sitting in the outside jacuzzi. I am a great lover of spas, it’s my monthly treat and my girlfriends and I have taken it upon ourselves to test them thoroughly across the South of England in the name of research (you’re welcome!) – the verdict to share with you is the Pennyhill Parks spa is fabulous. Definitely up there with the best of them, if not the best. Definitely a huge tick in the start of a honeymoon checklist.

We then had a speedy, and delicious, lunch there. we chose a simple meal in their brassiere, but if you have more time the Michelin Starred Latymer restaurant is meant to be great. We then headed off to Heathrow which is not far away at all. So for hotel to airport convenience it has another huge tick.

So to sum up Pennyhill Park:

  • It is 5 star luxury-  plush bathrobes, jacuzzi bath, super comfy beds
  • The spa is ace with big indoor, and outside, space
  • The food is tasty and can be fancy if you’re staying longer to enjoy meals there
  • Only a short drive from Heathrow airport

Next week I’ll be sharing the first part of on honeymoon trip – LA baby (AND how we managed to get business class seat upgrades AND into the business lounge… oh yes!) xx

And because I’ve never shared a wedding pic on here before… us earlier that day 🙂  Taken by Neale James at Breathe Photography

P.s some great tips by Brides magazine for choosing your wedding night hotel here >>

Pennyhill Park Wedding Photographer

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