July 23, 2015

6 years & why I LOVE weddings


The best ‘moment’ of my life happened twice- when I first cuddled my two boys. The instant gush of love seeing their faces for the first time was astounding.
But although they were the best moments, their ‘birth’ days in their entirety were close, but not winning for the cheesy ‘best day of my live’ acclaim.
6 years ago tomorrow was the most amazing 24 hours. Ever. The best day of my life utterly utterly utterly was the day Neil and I got married. We planned it, talked about it, dreamt about it, for so long- yet when the day came it was better than anything we could have imagined. Saying the vows we wrote for each other, committing for the rest of our lives and sharing the day with all our favourite people was incredible. We did not stop smiling for a nanosecond.
Wedding days are truly precious, I am honoured to be part of so many couple’s ‘best day of their life’.
Happy anniversary Neil x

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Image by the wonderful Asia Pimentel Photography

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