July 21, 2014

Baby Alice {Crowthorne baby photographer}


Baby Alice was just days old at her newborn baby photo session at home in Crowthorne. I like to keep things natural and simple with baby sessions, all the focus on how new and precious Alice is (check out her tiny fingers gripping daddy’s thumb).

I had met her mummy and daddy several months earlier to book their wedding photography, we’ve ¬†since met up for a coffee with our babies to chat wedding plans, great to see how Alice is growing. Thank you Laura and Joe for inviting me to be part of two of your incredibly special events.

If you are having a baby I would love celebrate your new little person with you. It is best to pencil in your date when you’re around 6 months pregnant, you can drop me an email at hello@hannahmcclunephotography.com

Baby Alice 310314-14.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-1.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-15.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-18.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-19.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-21.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-22.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-3.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-30.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-34.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-36.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-39.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-45.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-6.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-8.jpg

Baby Alice 310314-9.jpg

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