June 28, 2014

Remembering Baby Skye-Amor


One Saturday morning in March I read a heartbreaking request whilst scrolling through updates on Facebook. Amongst the chatty posts Fran asked if any cake ladies could bake a cake at short notice for her daughter’s tea party. A regular question, but she then went on to say she couldn’t use a high street shop as it may not be ready in time as her baby girl was terminally ill. I couldn’t stop thinking about Fran and their terribly sad situation. Rather than force my hideous cooking upon anyone, what I could do would be to help record some of their incredibly precious moments with photos.


So a few days later I had the honour of meeting beautiful Skye-Amor. Conscious their family time was so valuable I slotted in when they had a moment. There was no natural light in a bedroom at her sister’s house, as their home was mid way through being decorated, poses were restricted by Skye-Amor’s morphine drip, the session was 30 minutes rather than the usual newborn three hours, so no, not a typical newborn session set up.

Yet these photos are the most important I have ever taken, her session will always stand out as being incredibly meaningful and special.

I can’t begin to understand how truly horrific it must feel to know you are about to lose a child, but Fran and Calum’s positive attitude was incredible. I appreciate they had no choice but to be strong, but they really were, smiling and loving her so much. They made sure every moment of her short life was treasured.

To remember Skye-Amor and support other families in their position they have set up a charity page for SSNAP (support for a sick newborn and their parents): https://www.justgiving.com/skye-amor/ I know they would be grateful for a donation of any amount towards this great cause. They also have set up this Facebook Page >>

Here are some of my favourites of the adorable little Skye-Amor enjoying her time with her family x


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