May 16, 2014

Marwell Zoo Engagement Session {Wedding Photography}


They hung out being in love at Marwell Zoo, saw a few penguins, had a few smooches, watched the zebras, had some cuddles, said hi to the lions, messed around a bit,  visited the giraffes then stopped to reflect on the next time they would be there was on their wedding day Not the standard engagement session, but oh so perfect for these two with their love of animals.

Engagement shoots are a lovely way to have a break from all the busyness of everyday life and wedding planning, to simply enjoy being together. It’s also a perfect opportunity to test your wedding day look in photos, Rachel had her wedding hair and make up trial earlier in the day.

See you guys in 7 days time at Marwell Zoo for what will be the best day of your life x

Engagement session 190314-44.jpg

Engagement session 190314-32.jpg
Engagement session 190314-20.jpg

Engagement session 190314-36.jpg
Engagement session 190314-21.jpg

Engagement session 190314-23.jpg

Engagement session 190314-30.jpg
engagement session 190314-1.jpg

Engagement session 190314-33.jpg
Engagement session 190314-39.jpg

engagement session 190314-11.jpg

engagement session 190314-14.jpg

engagement session 190314-6.jpg

engagement session 190314-9.jpg

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