May 3, 2014

Image Love: Creative low light at Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle, Wedding

I usually shoot alone, couples tend to choose me for the images I capture from being unobtrusive, so working alone helps me stay discrete. However, last week the bride had organised for a second shooter, it was great to have some company during the wedding breakfast and gave us time to have a chat- one of his questions was about shooting in continuous mode (quick answer no, although I do shoot bursts of quick images to be sure I capture a perfect first kiss). My technique is quite the opposite, even when shooting reportage style I think about my positioning, the composition, what is framing the image etc… to tell the best story. Because really that is what photography is, telling your love story.

Some images really stand out to me for different reasons so I thought I’d start a new regular blog post explaining the story behind an image, as well as  sharing the technical set up and camera specifications for the photographers who read my blog.

creative low light wedding photographer Farnham Castle

First up is the very last shot of a wedding… I had packed up to leave and was just heading back to my car when I walked through an old wonky doorway in the castle. This low wall light cast a weak, but perfect little spot of light, so I couldn’t help myself and spun around to ask the Sarah and Will if I could please just grab one final picture! They were so relaxed in the midst of the evening celebrations, I positioned them so the light fell across their faces and they enjoyed 15 seconds out from the dance floor mayhem.

For natural vignetting I used the curve of the doorway and positioned myself so no outside light distractions were in the frame.  The light hits their faces, but falls away below their shoulders bringing every bit of attention to that oh so strong connection in the look between the brand new husband and wife, a short moment to look into each others eyes and remember, that yes today really is the most perfect day, they had married their best friend x

Technical settings for the togs reading this…

  • camera: Nikon D800
  • no flash, all light from lantern
  • lens: Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8
  • focal length: 85mm
  • exposure: 1/125 at f/2.8



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  1. Hi Hannah,
    I am Craig’s father, you did Craig and Hayley’s wedding a few weeks a go.

    We thought the photos looked fantastic, thank you!
    So I was having a look around your site and saw this tips section. I try to do a little photography myself, I put my flickr link above.
    I guess you get asked all the time, but I would be interested in see how you put together a few more of your images if you had time to post on your blog. I am sure I could learn a few things 🙂
    Oh by the way, one of my favorite pics, and it is hard to pick one!
    Is the one outside the Elephant with Craig and Hayley leaning on the wall, then holding a stretched out hand. I think you posted it as a teaser.
    But I cant seem to find it in the images you sent Hayley, unless I have made a mistake?
    Any how, nice web site, it looks very crisp and clean.

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Sandy,
      Thank you for your kind words about my website and the photos, it was such a fantastic day, I loved being part of it.
      I’m glad the post was interesting, I was thinking earlier how I really need to give my blog a bit more attention, caught up in the busy whirl of weddings at the moment so it is getting a little neglected!
      I have just emailed you over the hi res version of that image and off to take a look at your Flickr picas now, thanks for sharing.
      Hannah x

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