January 17, 2013

New baby twins {newborn photographer, Wokingham, Berkshire}


When I was pregnant I ummed and ahhed about joining the local NCT classes, in the end I left it too late and the classes filled up. I’m more disappointed now as Sharon is one of the lovely volunteers who help new mums get settled into parenthood and nursing in Wokingham. It would have been great to share the excitement of the experience and any concerns with someone as caring as her, my biggie was “Am I cuddling Myles too much?”…

Sharon is lucky enough to have two beautiful babies to snuggle, her experience with this fantastic charity and already being a mum to big sister Rosa set her up for their growing family with twins. What could have been a hectic newborn session was relaxed and calm, there was no rushing, but yes plenty of cuddles. Two adorable little babies- a very curious little girl and a laid back little boy who, between dozes, likes to shuffle up to his sister and suck on her shoulder, sweet.

She kindly said “Fantastic photos! We are really touched how much their personalities shine through the pictures! Wonderful! xxx”

Thank you for asking me to photograph your precious new babies, it was great to spend the morning with you all.

If you are pregnant, or would like to buy a session as a gift, you can say hi here: hello@hannahmcclunephotography.com

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