September 5, 2012

Product Spotlight: Fabulous Frames‏


Professional photo frames, Reading, Berkshire


Do you have an empty wall at home? A dull space that could be amazing with pictures of you having fun with your family?

It is so satisfying to hang a fabulous picture up at home; funnily enough I have heaps of my little boy Myles and hubby Neil up, sadly less with me in them as I hide behind the camera far too much, but they do make me smile whenever I walk past them.

The lovely family from this session chose to have a gorgeous big frame, 30” x 24”, with their favourite session images as a friendly welcome in their hallway. This is one of many, many different collage styles you can pick from with nine different frame colours.

I am super picky choosing suppliers, after testing several different professional print labs and frame makers I found highly skilled craftsman in Scotland that hand make these to be the absolute high quality I want to be able to offer you. After they are expertly made they are hand delivered by me ready for you to simply unwrap and hang.

Please get in touch if you want to convert a boring wall to a wow wall,

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