August 29, 2012

Top 20 tips to prepare for your new baby’s photo session


  1. Babies are sleepiest and happiest to pose before they are 2 weeks old
  2. The best time to book a session is after your 20 week scan when dates are more accurate
  3. The session will be at your home- before I arrive open all blinds and curtains to let in the most natural light as possible
  4. Dig out any favourite blankets you’d like your baby to lie on, or be swaddled in
  5. If they have a ‘favourite’ soft toy we can picture them next to it to show how tiny they are
  6. Involve siblings, this is a perfect time to capture their special moment as a new big brother or sister
  7. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, ideally with bare arms
  8. I only need a small space to put a beanbag that I’ll lie your baby on
  9. We’ll move to the sofa, your bed, in front of a window etc for family pictures
  10. Please do not worry about cleaning up your house, you have just had a baby, I won’t be taking pictures of any mess!
  11. Allow up to 3 hours for the session (varies with settling and feeding time)
  12. Before I arrive give your baby a nice big feed
  13. Dress your baby in just a loose nappy and blanket so they will not have any clothes marks
  14. Keep your house really warm,  one of the biggest reasons for fussy babies is simply that they’re not warm enough
  15. There is no rushing, I’ll always be relaxed regardless of how your baby is, this is why we allow so much time
  16. If we need to take a break to feed, walk, rock, etc. we can do that
  17. Look out for a sneak peak on Facebook for you to see and share with friends
  18. Imperfect skin can become perfect when I retouch any blotchy or flaky skin
  19. Relax to watch the slideshow at your home viewing and ordering session a couple of weeks later
  20. Hold on to buying your thank you cards, you can have extra special ones with your favourite pictures on!

Newborn baby photographer, Reading, BerkshireAs always gift vouchers are available in any amount if you have a pregnant friend you would like to treat with this unique gift.

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to find out more, .

Hannah x

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  2. Angela Sullivan-Brown says:

    Gorgeous pictures of Darcey, Gary & Natalie.
    I had not thought of having professional photos done for our new arrival – will be in touch for a booking.

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