April 30, 2012

The beginning….

Baby, Family, Wedding

Welcome to my first blog post, a little late on the blogging action, but thank you for your patience and here I am now!

So let’s start… Hi I am Hannah and I take ‘real’ pictures of new chapters in your life- the laughter and smiles captured from bumps to babies to families.

I love photographing love stories. It is as simple as that, it makes me happy to get photos of you being happy – preserving those fleeting special moments forever as images.

I hope you enjoy seeing the photo shoots here and general advice on how to plan for photo sessions and tips on getting the best out of your pictures.

To meet the organised process my nature demands (yep ask anyone I know- I am a complete planning geek & adore writing lovely long lists!) I’ll begin with posts from shoots from early this year. I couldn’t possibly start with late April shoots, eek, no order or system there so look out for my next post which will be of a gorgeous pregnant Heather taken back in February…

Thanks for reading! If you haven’t already, pop over to ‘Like’ my Facebook page here to be the first to hear of any special sessions coming up!

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